Strong Acids and Bases Cheat Sheet Study Guide

The MCAT will require you to know the difference between strong and weak acids and bases.
You’ll not only have to recognize the weak acids and bases, but MEMORIZE the standard list of strong acids and bases listed on the cheat sheet below.

This cheat sheet below is meant to accompany the MCAT Acid/Base Tutorial Series (math focus) as well as the Orgo Acid/Base Tutorial series (trends/concept focus).

Right-click the image below then select ‘save as’ or print for the full version

Stong acid and base cheat sheet organic chemistry MCAT Leah4sci

See more on the MCAT Acid/Base Tutorial Video Series
Or the Orgo Acid/Base Tutorial series


  1. Nicklaus Potter says

    Who doesn’t know this?

    • Leah4sci says

      Nicklaus: Everyone has to learn at some point. We start out not knowing then quickly memorize to know it long term.

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