MCAT Resources

With so much information out there, how do you even know where to start? Here is a list of resources (and why) I recommend using in preparation for your upcoming exam. Start with the┬áthe ‘How to use your MCAT resources‘ chapter in my new guide. Wondering how I’m any different than the other information sources? […]

How to Build Endurance for the 7.5 hour MCAT

The 2015 MCAT is not only a newer exam but it’s also longer, in the number of sections and the time per section. Although the exam itself is just over six hours, which includes four sections 90 to 95 minutes each, the breaks in between sections bring it a total of seven and one half […]

New MCAT Sections Topics Questions and Timeline Video

The new ‘2015’ MCAT is a longer and more comprehensive exam. The first step to mastering the exam is understanding exactly what’s ON the exam. This video breaks down the exam showing you what is covered in each section including a breakdown of subjects, time, and number of questions/passages. You’ll also get a timeline of […]

Old 2014 vs New 2015 MCAT

April 2015 brings with it a brand new MCAT for premed students. However, with so much information already published on the old exam, research may quickly turn confusing. What’s on the old exam, what’s on the new exam? If I studied for the old one, how is this one different? This videos gives you a […]