Resonance Effect on Acidity in Organic Chemistry

Video 5 in the acid/base tutorial video series shows you how to use conjugate base resonance to determine the strength or stability of conjugate bases. If you can logically understand how resonance effects stability you’ll have an easier time determining acidity of neutral starting acid molecules. (click HERE to watch this video on YouTube.  Catch […]

Ranking acids and bases using ka or pKa values and pure logic

In general chemistry you spent many hours drawing out ICE charts and doing pKa calculations. After many calculations you were able to determine strong and weak acids. Not in organic chemistry. At the orgo level you may be given ka/pKa values, but not for the purpose of doing calculations. These values help you rank strong or […]

Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis Acids and Bases in Organic Chemistry

As an organic chemistry student you will find yourself faced with acid/based questions again and again. From categorizing molecules to ranking their strength without pKa or pKb values. This isn’t terrible if/when you learn it correctly, however, your professor will assume you alredy know this. So s/he won’t teach it. Why? Because you’re expected to remember […]