Intramolecular Aldol Condensation Reaction

Intramolecular Aldol condensations happen when a single molecule contains 2 reaction aldehyde/ketone groups. When the alpha carbon of one group attacks the other, the molecule attacks itself forming a ring structure. This video shows you how to identify the correct alpha carbon and carbonyl will complete the most stable ring as well as how to […]

Mixed Cross Aldol Reaction

A mixed or cross aldol reaction uses 2 different starting aldehydes or ketones for a potential mess of 4 different products. This video shows you how to quickly identify all 4 possible products as well as how to control reaction conditions to help limit the number of products formed. (Watch on YouTube: Cross Aldol Reaction. Click […]

Aldol Addition and Condensation Reaction Mechanism

Aldol reactions are useful in organic chemistry synthesis for creating new carbon to carbon bonds. This reaction can occur as an aldol addition reaction at lower temperatures forming a beta-hydroxy aldehyde or ketone, or as an aldol condensation reaction at higher temperatures forming an alpha-beta unsaturated product. This video walks you through the addition and […]