Markovnikov vs Anti-Markovnikov in Alkene Addition Reactions

Markovnikov’s Rule tells us where to add the nucleophile and hydrogen in an asymmetrical alkene addition reaction. This is a critical pattern to both understand and recognize when studying alkene addition reactions. What is Markovnikov’s rule all about and how does this impact regioselectivity in electrophilic addition reactions? As you follow along with my alkene reactions […]

Hydroboration Oxidation of Alkenes

Hydroboration-oxidation is yet another alcohol yielding alkene reaction. However this reaction results in an alcohol adding to the less substituted carbon for an anti-Markovnikov product. The video below helps you understand the reactivity of Boron as well as the hydroboration and oxidation steps of the reaction mechanism. Watch this video on YouTube or read the […]

Alkoxymercuration Demercuration Reduction of Alkenes

Alkoxymercuration-Demercuration Reduction is a tricky mechanism for organic chemistry students. Not because it’s any more difficult than oxymercuration, but simply because students tend to overlook the alcohol reagent and miss the alkyl group in the product. The video below helps you understand the similarities and differences between oxymercuration and alkoxymercuration of alkenes. The video also […]

Hydride Shift and Methyl Shift in Organic Chemistry Reactions

Organic Chemistry Reaction Map Diagram

Reaction pathway overview for alkene and alkyne reactions including radicals, alcohols, carbonyls, epoxides and grignards. If you find this helpful please click the share buttons above

Acid Catalyzed Hydration of Alkenes

Acid catalyzed hydration of alkenes is the reaction in which a pi bond is broken and an alcohol added to the Markovnikov position when carried out in water. When alcohol is used as the reaction solvent an ether will form following the same reaction mechanism. The video below is Part 5 in my Alkene Reaction […]

Halogenation Of Alkenes Tutorial Video

Alkene Reactions Series: Video 3 Halogenation of alkenes is the reaction in which a double bond is broken and replaced by a vicinal dihalide – 2 halogen atoms added to neighboring carbons. This reaction follows a pattern of anti addition. The goal of this video is to help you understand rather than memorize concepts related […]

Alkene Reaction Mechanisms

Alkene Reactions Series: Video 1 This introduction to organic chemistry alkene reactions tutorial is meant to serve as an introduction to the concept of alkene reaction mechanisms. Starting from the very foundation, learn what makes alkene electrons so reactive, as well as how to recognize a nucleophile and electrophile in orgo reactions. You’ll also get […]