Amino Acid Peptide Linkage Formation and Hydrolysis Reactions

Amino acids are the building blocks of living things. This makes the process of making/breaking bonds critical to understanding biological sciences. This video walks you through the formation of an amino acid bond – the peptide bond, as well as breaking the bonds through hydrolysis. (Watch on YouTube: Peptide Linkage/Hydrolysis. Click CC for transcription) Links […]

Amino Acids Practice Quiz

Amino acids are a big deal on the MCAT. You can’t simply ‘get’ the concept. You must be able to quickly recall information and apply them to questions. The quiz below¬†will help you figure out if you’ve mastered this topic. The questions are simple but thorough. You either know it, or you don’t! Be sure […]

Introduction to Amino Acids in MCAT Biochemistry

Understanding the structure and nature of Amino Acids is critical to understanding biological molecules and reactions as they are tested on the MCAT. This is the first in an in-depth MCAT Amino Acid series covering the basic structure and side chain characteristics. (Watch on YouTube: Amino Acids Intro¬†Click cc on the bottom right for video […]