Propyl Butyl and Pentyl Branched Substituents

When you hear n-butyl, secbutyl, isobutyl and tert butyl. Do these terms scare you? Learning Organic Chemistry is like learning a new language where certain prefixes and suffixes will mean different things. Different ways of arranging bits and pieces will bring you to different variations of compounds. But just like a new language, the more you see it, […]

Naming Branched Substituents – Tert-Butyl, Isopropyl, isobutyl, tertbutyl, and more

Naming Organic Compounds Series: Video 4 This tutorial video shows you how to name organic compounds with substituents coming off their substituents. This includes the ‘long’ version of naming each individual group, and the accepted abbreviations like tert-butyl and isopropyl. (Watch on YouTube: Substituents. Click CC on bottom right for transcript.) <– Watch Previous Video: […]