Halohydrin Formation

Alkene Reactions Series: Video 4 This tutorial takes you through the halohydrin formation mechanism, a type of electrophilic addition which adds both a halogen and alcohol to an alkene by using water instead of an inert solvent like CH2Cl2 or CCL4 to yield a halohydrin which features both a halogen and alcohol on the carbon […]

Hydrohalogenation of Alkenes Video

Alkene Reactions Series: Video 2 Alkene Hydrohalogenation is the reaction in which a pi bond is broken and a halogen added to the more substituted or ‘Markovnikov’ position.   (Watch on YouTube: Hydrohalogenation. Click cc on the bottom right for video transcription.) <– Watch Previous Video: Introduction to Alkene Reactions –> Watch Next Video: Halogenation […]