Ka and pH shortcut for Weak Acids in MCAT Chemistry

pH and Ka for Weak Acids NO ICE TABLE in MCAT Chemistry video 4

Ka and pH calculations for weak acids can be trick on the MCAT if you attempt a general chemistry approach. Ice tables and quadratic equations are not only a waste of time, but nearly impossible without a calculator. This video shows you my shortcut for skipping the ICE chart and skipping the quadratic equation for […]

Ranking acids and bases using ka or pKa values and pure logic

Ranking Acid Base Strength Using Ka pKa and Logic

In general chemistry you spent many hours drawing out ICE charts and doing pKa calculations.¬†After many calculations you were able to determine strong and weak acids. Not in organic chemistry. At the orgo level you may be given ka/pKa values, but not for the purpose of doing calculations. These values help you rank strong or […]