Video Transcript: Gravitational Forces in MCAT Physics

Below is the written transcript of my YouTube tutorial video MCAT Physics Forces – Gravitational Forces in MCAT Physics Click the image to watch the video or catch the entire MCAT Physics Forces series HERE (click here to see the video on YouTube) [START TRANSCRIPT] Leah here from and in this video we’ll look at […]

MCAT Force Equilibrium and Free Body Diagrams

When it comes to force equations on the MCAT there is a long and short way to set up your equilibrium equations. This video shows you how to visualize and draw free body diagrams, followed by a shortcut for setting up your equations based on applying the logic that you see rather than working through […]

Newtons Third Law in MCAT Physics Forces Vid 4

Newton’s third law is possibly the most confusing, especially when you try to apply this to MCAT style physics questions. This video helps you understand the concept of Fa = -Fb from a logical perspective so that you can easily apply this to complex MCAT questions. (Watch on YouTube: Newton’s 3rd Law. Video Transcript coming […]

Newton’s First Law – MCAT Forces 2

In addition to studying forces equations for the MCAT, you must also familiarize yourself with Newton’s laws of motion. The video below explains Newton’s First Law from a perspective of practical application to MCAT style equations. As you watch the video be sure that you fully understand the logic behind each scenario setup to prevent confusion down […]

Forces in MCAT Physics Intro Video

The first step to conquering force equations, is to conquer F=ma. Not just with simple memorization, but with the understanding of how the units relate to each other, and how to derive different forms of this equation so that the units work out as expected. This video breaks it down for you and also shows […]

MCAT Forces Study Guide Cheat Sheet

The driving force behind MCAT Physics is force, no pun intended. Not only do you have to know concepts and equations, but you must also know how to relate force to kinematics, work, energy, and just about every other topic. But you must be wary of memorization. Instead focus on learning, practicing, deriving and UNDERSTANDING. […]