SI Unit Conversion Cheat Sheet

SI units and conversion factors mcat cheat sheet leah4sci

Unit Conversions or Dimensional Analysis doesn’t have to be so confusing! The cheat sheet below is a short list of important units, prefix values and conversions to memorize for the MCAT. (You should also memorize these for your chemistry and physics classes) Start with this Tutorial Video:¬†Unit Conversions Series Part 1¬†(coming this week) on how […]

MCAT Style Non Calculator Math Practice Quiz

MCAT Style Math Quiz No Calculator

As an MCAT tutor I’m constantly telling my students to practice ‘simple math without a calculator’. The reply? Where can I find more practice problems? Since good resources are hard to find, I decided to write up my own MCAT math practice set NO Calculator Allowed! PDF Solution set at the end of the quiz […]

MCAT Math Study Guide Cheat Sheet

mcat math cheat sheet preview

While the science portion of the MCAT is designed to test you on your Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Orgo abilities, you may find yourself faced with a series of math calculations, and you CANNOT use a calculator. I cover a great detail of MCAT math tips tricks and shortcuts in my MCAT Math Without A […]

Solving Antilog MCAT Questions Without A Calculator

mcat math without a calculator vid 9 antilogs

This video picks up from MCAT Math Part 8 – Logs and Negative Logs showing you how to solve questions where the log value is provided. Instead you’re asked to solve for the anti-log value in questions relating to ion concentration and Ka values. Anti-logs, just like logarithms, are difficult to calculation without a calculator […]

How To Tackle MCAT style Logarithm Questions

mcat math tutorial video on logarithms and negative logs

When it comes to mathematical calculations on the MCAT shortcuts are the way to go. But with most shortcut you have the option of falling back on the long yet proven pen-and-paper calculations to get your results. But this is not the case when it comes to logarithms. Logs or negative logs, unlike multiplication, division […]

Trigonometry Overview and Sin Cos Trick for MCAT Questions

MCAT Math tutorial video trigonometry

Trigonometry is a topic that sends many pre-med students screaming for the hills, especially when it comes to applying sine, cosine, and tangent values to angles stated in an MCAT style question. The average student will memorize ‘radical 2 over 2’ as the sin or cos value for a 45 degree angle, but how on […]

Fractions Ratios Percentages and Proportions on the MCAT

MCAT math tutorial video fractions ratios percentages proportions

Not every difficult MCAT question is inherently tough. You may find yourself faced with a potentially easy physics or chemistry MCAT question, only made tough by the detailed and tedious math required. This is especially true when fractions are involved, in the form of dimensional analysis, ratios, proportions, or finding percent values. The math is […]

Factor Of 10 Shortcut in MCAT Multiplication and Division

MCAT math tutorial video factor of 10 trick part 2

This tutorial continues from MCAT Math Video 2 where I show you how to use the factor-of-10-trick to quickly multiply and divide any number by a factor of 10, 100, and so on. However, many of your MCAT chemistry and physics calculations will not be this clean and easy. But you certainly cannot afford to […]

Squares and Square Roots in MCAT Style Questions

MCAT math video squares and square roots

The MCAT, especially the physical sciences section will require you to solve numerous equations and work through different calculations. While many of the math tricks I teach are simply ‘shortcuts’ teaching you a faster way to solve a given question, math tricks are even more important when it comes to squares and square roots on […]

Multiplication and Division for Units of Ten

mcat math trick for multiplication and division using units of 10

As you’re working through the physical sciences section of your MCAT you will be faced with unit conversions asking you to multiply or divide numbers by some factor of 10. This can occur in questions such as gram to kilogram or liter to milliliter conversions. Given the time constraint on the MCAT and lack of […]