Why Aiming for a Lower MCAT Score Will Increase Your Med School Chances

Medical School acceptance is very competitive, can aiming for a LOWER MCAT score INCREASE your chances of acceptance? I will argue YES, let me explain why.

Step 2: Setting Your MCAT Goals and Target Score

In Step 1 of this guide you learned what the MCAT was all about from timeline to expectations. Let’s continue. Stumbled onto the Ultimate MCAT Prep Guide? Click to Start at the Beginning. One of my favorite quotes is: Your dream is to become a doctor, but what’s your plan? You know you need to […]

Old 2014 vs New 2015 MCAT

April 2015 brings with it a brand new MCAT for premed students. However, with so much information already published on the old exam, research may quickly turn confusing. What’s on the old exam, what’s on the new exam? If I studied for the old one, how is this one different? This videos gives you a […]

The New MCAT Demystified

When the AAMC released a brand new MCAT style in 2015, there was a great deal of panic among pre-med students. (2020 Test/score release dates below) The exam contains more sections as well as more questions per section, and covers quite a bit more information compared to the old exam (video). But it’s not as bad as it sounds. […]