Why Not To Study One MCAT Subject At A Time

The drawbacks of studying one subject at a time and
how to overcome forgetfulness with a balanced approach

My MCAT Study Distraction List

I have trouble focusing. I have ADHD and many of my students do as well. In my case, it’s not severe enough to require medication. But enough to get in my way if I don’t focus 100%. As I sit and contemplate it, I think our instant-connection/notification-world has us ALL suffering from some form of […]

Preparing for the MCAT with a full time job and 7 year old son

As an MCAT tutor, my students come to learn from me. But more often than not, I learn from and get inspired by my students. Today I did a strategy session with a fascinating non-traditional premed student. She graduated college 2 years ago but kept postponing her MCAT due to a full time job and […]

How to Build Endurance for the 7.5 hour MCAT

The 2015 MCAT is not only a newer exam but it’s also longer, in the number of sections and the time per section. Although the exam itself is just over six hours, which includes four sections 90 to 95 minutes each, the breaks in between sections bring it a total of seven and one half […]