Newtons Third Law in MCAT Physics Forces Vid 4

Newton’s third law is possibly the most confusing, especially when you try to apply this to MCAT style physics questions. This video helps you understand the concept of Fa = -Fb from a logical perspective so that you can easily apply this to complex MCAT questions. (Watch on YouTube: Newton’s 3rd Law. Video Transcript coming […]

Newton’s Second Law in MCAT Physics Forces Vid 3

Newton’s Second Law is where forces in MCAT Physics starts to get exciting. Not only do you have to understand F = ma, but you must also be able to find the total force in the x-direction, y-direction, and some vector between the x and y axis. This video breaks it down with examples including […]

Newton’s First Law – MCAT Forces 2

In addition to studying forces equations for the MCAT, you must also familiarize yourself with Newton’s laws of motion. The video below explains Newton’s First Law¬†from a perspective of practical application to MCAT style equations. As you watch the video be sure that you fully understand the logic behind each scenario setup to prevent¬†confusion down […]