Intro to Orgo Video Series

Intro to Orgo Electron Configuration part 2

Organic chemistry professors typically┬átake it for granted that you remember everything you learned in General Chemistry. However, for 99% of students, forget over break! This video series will give you an in-depth review of the General Chemistry topics that will build a strong Organic Chemistry foundation. Be a part of the 1% who is prepared! […]

Electron Configuration Tutorial Part 1

Intro to Orgo Electron Configuration

Intro to Orgo Series: Video 4 This tutorial video is designed to help new and incoming organic chemistry students build a solid foundation for organic chemistry Topics discussed in this video include an explanation of electron configuration, how to find the configuration by looking at the table, and a quick example. Video 5 (Electron Configuration […]

Subatomic Particles and Atomic Structure Video


Intro to Orgo Series: Video 1 Understanding large-scale organic chemistry reactions is based on the simple principles of organic structure. While you will not be tested directly on this topic in your organic chemistry course, it is vital that you have an understanding of the subatomic particles and their properties This tutorial video will provide […]