Ring Expansion via Hydride Shift and Methyl Shift

Ring expansions occur as a carbocation rearrangement when an unstable cycloalkane is near a carbocation. You will come across ring expansion mechanisms during alkene reactions and later in SN1 and E1 reactions. They key is to recognize when a ring is unstable, and the type of rearrangement that will help it become more stable. But don’t […]

Why Organic Chemistry is So Darn Difficult

If you ask any student who has completed their science, chemistry, or pre-med requirements which course they found to be the most difficult, the answer will be almost unanimously: organic chemistry. Why Is Organic Chemistry So Darn Difficult? Organic chemistry is the most dreaded of all science classes. It has the highest failure rate, lowest […]

Recommended Organic Chemistry Books

Organic Chemistry is a subject mastered through studying and practice, practice, practice. But how do you know what to practice? Homework problems assigned by your professor  Do additional homework problems not assigned. If you look through the back of your textbook you will realize that many of the practice problems are VERY SIMILAR. Therefore, if […]

Periodic Table Printable

Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Reference Table Print this periodic table and store it your book/notes to keep as a handy and colorful reference. My graphic artist went all out to help your course be just a little less boring! Enjoy! PDF: Click on the Periodic table below to open as a PDF; then hit Print in […]

Electron Configuration Quiz

This quiz is designed to test the material you have learned in the Electron Configuration Tutorial. If you haven’t seen the tutorial yet you can view them here: Electron Configuration Part 1 Electron Configuration Part 2

Electron Configuration Tutorial Part 2

Intro to Orgo Series: Video 5 This tutorial video is designed to help new and incoming organic chemistry students build a solid foundation for organic chemistry. This video has additional examples of finding the electron configuration of larger atoms and the shortcut version using the noble gas kernel. Video 4 (Electron Configuration Part 1) showed […]

Periodic Table and Trends Quiz

This quiz is designed to test the material you have learned in the Periodic Table and Trends Tutorial If you haven’t seen the tutorial video watch it HERE and then return to this quiz   [mtouchquiz 3]