Intro to Orgo Video Series

Organic chemistry professors typically┬átake it for granted that you remember everything you learned in General Chemistry. However, 99% of students forget over break! That is, if you even got to this in your gen-chem course. This video series will give you an in-depth review of the General Chemistry topics that will build a strong Organic […]

Periodic Table Printable

Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Reference Table Print this periodic table and store it your book/notes to keep as a handy and colorful reference.┬áMy graphic artist went all out to help your course be just a little less boring! Enjoy! PDF: Click on the Periodic table below to open as a PDF; then hit Print in […]

Periodic Table and Trends Quiz

This quiz is designed to test the material you have learned in the Periodic Table and Trends Tutorial If you haven’t seen the tutorial video watch it HERE and then return to this quiz   [mtouchquiz 3]

Periodic Table and Atomic Trends Video

Intro to Orgo Series: Video 2 The reactivity of different atoms in organic chemistry reactions can be compared and derived by understanding the periodic table and being familiar with its trends. This video gives you a brief overview of the table with a heavy focus on trends required in organic chemistry including size and electronegativity. […]