Gen Chem Review for Orgo Practice Quiz

How well do you know your Organic Chemistry Basics? Start with the Intro to Orgo Video Series.  Reviewing these Gen-Chem topics is foundational to Orgo. Your professor will assume you remember all of these concepts and will plow right on through to the next Orgo topic. Even though most students forget over Break and fall behind…YOU WON’T! […]

Drawing Skeletal Structures Practice Quiz

Ready to TEST your understanding of drawing skeletal structures from condensed formula and back again? This quiz is designed to follow my Drawing Skeletal Structures Tutorial Video. Memorizing concepts it NOT enough. This quiz will help you determine if you’ve MASTERED this topic. Be ready to ace this topic on your next Organic Chemistry exam! The skeletal video uses simple […]

Amino Acids Practice Quiz

Amino acids are a big deal on the MCAT. You can’t simply ‘get’ the concept. You must be able to quickly recall information and apply them to questions. The quiz below will help you figure out if you’ve mastered this topic. The questions are simple but thorough. You either know it, or you don’t! Be sure […]