Oxidation Reduction Organic Chemistry Practice Quiz

Oxidation and Reduction reactions will come up over and over in your organic chemistry course.┬áThink you’ve mastered redox reactions and reagents? Try the practice quiz below then scroll down (end of the quiz) for the PDF solutions. Not fully confident with redox? Review the redox tutorial video series and follow along with the Orgo Redox […]

Fischer Projection Practice Problem Set

Fischer projections crop in both organic chemistry and biochemistry. After studying my Fischer Projection tutorial series try your hand at this short quiz and see how you do. The questions range from simple to intermediate and are designed to help you figure out where you stand. If you find yourself stuck on any given problem […]

MCAT Style Non Calculator Math Practice Quiz

As an MCAT tutor I’m constantly telling my students to practice ‘simple math without a calculator’. The reply? Where can I find more practice problems? Since good resources are hard to find, I decided to write up my own MCAT math practice set NO Calculator Allowed! PDF Solution set at the end of the quiz […]

Electron Configuration Quiz

This quiz is designed to test the material you have learned in the Electron Configuration Tutorial. If you haven’t seen the tutorial yet you can view them here: Electron Configuration Part 1 Electron Configuration Part 2

Periodic Table and Trends Quiz

This quiz is designed to test the material you have learned in the Periodic Table and Trends Tutorial If you haven’t seen the tutorial video watch it HERE and then return to this quiz   [mtouchquiz 3]