Which Equations To Choose in MCAT Kinematics Translational Motion Video 9

As an MCAT tutor, one of the common questions I receive is “How do I know which equations to use?” With so many formulas to memorize it’s hard to keep them all straight, and even harder to pick out one from the many many formuals you’ve studied. The video below breaks down the different kinematic […]

Projectile Motion in MCAT Kinematics Translational Motion Video 8

Projectile motion questions are an interesting phenomenon in your MCAT Physics preparations. Think back to your general physics course, if you had to solve a projectile motions question you likely found yourself spending 20-30 minutes on a question complete with 3-4 unique calculations. However, you won’t have the leisure of time on your MCAT. And […]

Free Fall in MCAT Kinematics Translational Motion Video 7

Free fall is a specific application of acceleration and kinematics, where gravity is the only form of acceleration in a given problem. These questions include objects being thrown up, or objects falling down without any applied acceleration. The video below helps you understand the nature of Free Fall as it will show up on your […]

Acceleration in MCAT Physics Translational Motion Video 6

Acceleration, that tricky little concept that shows up in just about every physics question. From the applied acceleration in kinematics, to the implied acceleration of gravity, this topic will show up again and again in your MCAT practice. With multiple related equations, it’s important that you have a proper understanding of this not-so-intuitive concepts in […]

Introduction to Translational Motion in MCAT Physics

The topic of translational motion and standard kinematics may very well be one of the most important concepts to cover in your MCAT physical sciences preparations. As you work through the different topics in physics you will find yourself returning to these equations again and again. Given how important this is, I recommend that you […]

MCAT Kinematics Formula Study Guide Cheat Sheet

Kinematic equations are the foundation to mastering MCAT physics. Yes you have to ‘memorize’ and know the standard formulas, but it goes deeper than that. You have to understand the units, when to use which equation, and be VERY comfortable applying these concepts to the more advanced Physics topics on the MCAT. To help you […]