Trigonometry Overview and Sin Cos Trick for MCAT Questions

MCAT math tutorial video trigonometryTrigonometry is a topic that sends many pre-med students screaming for the hills, especially when it comes to applying sine, cosine, and tangent values to angles stated in an MCAT style question. The average student will memorize ‘radical 2 over 2’ as the sin or cos value for a 45 degree angle, but how on earth do you incorporate that into an MCAT question without a calculator?

My newest video shows you my trick for recognizing when to use sin and cos, as well as my number pattern for sin/cos values to help avoid confusion in MCAT calculations.

MCAT Trigonometry + Trick for Sin/Cos Values

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MCAT Style Question Tackled In This Video:

Force Question: A child pulls on a 4kg wagon with a force of 9N. Find the initial acceleration of the wagon if the force is applied at 30˚ to the ground.

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