Ultimate MCAT Prep Guide

Ultimate Guide to MCAT Prep by Leah4sciA Step By Step Strategy for Acing the MCAT and Getting Accepted to Your DREAM Medical School

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MCAT reliable information written in one guide by expert Leah4Sci

The simple reason is because I want to help pre-med students be successful!

My top priority is to ensure that you feel totally prepared and confident that you will pass the MCAT with flying colors!

The pressure of doing well on the MCAT has pre-meds desperately seeking a sure-fire solution to beat the exam and…

it isn’t realistic.

As an MCAT tutor, students come to me for everything from specific questions to general guidance.

Over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of pre-meds.

Some work with me every step of the way;
while others can’t afford the help they need so they scour the Internet and find bits and pieces of advice that are often conflicting and confusing.

Sometimes the advice is written by people who have very little experience. This is not a good strategy.

On the flip side of finances, those students who can afford to pay for help often purchase plans that are overpriced and unrealistic.

The advice in this guide is based on my years of experience as a full-time MCAT tutor/advisor.

I have made it my business to learn everything I can about the new exam.

Here’s the best part for you: I have put all my findings here, in ONE place!
You’ll find that the advice in this guide is sound, comprehensive, and coherent.

Sadly, with so much misinformation out there, just thinking about preparing for the MCAT becomes overwhelming.

I am making this guide available for all so that you have a step-by-step plan that you understand enough to tweak it to your custom needs;

A guide that allows you to set your own goals, craft a logical personal plan, and actually follow it.

The steps are simple but simple doesn’t mean that it is easy… You will still need to study for many hours.

Just remember while you plug away over the books, your DREAM is be a DOCTOR!
Hold on to that vision and let it carry you through the long hours.

That, along with knowing you have trustworthy information, will make your journey a little easier and definitely much less stressful.

Ultimate MCAT Guide Companion Notebook for Premed students

This isn’t a typical guide: you know, those books that you read and think ‘oh wow that’s nice, I should try that!’ But then you don’t have an easy way to follow along?

Problem solved!

How? I’ve created a Companion Workbook that allows you to take action every ‘Step’ of the way! The goal is to help you track and identify action items in every chapter.

By the time you finish this guide you’ll have a personalized, custom strategy listing YOUR goals, YOUR targets, and YOUR required steps moving forward.

Use it! It’s free, so you have NO EXCUSES.

Every time a new chapter is posted, a new PDF will be added to help you execute what you read.

MCAT prep guide companion workbookClick THIS Workbook Image for access to the printable PDF.

When you see the workbook icon inside the Guide, run to find your very own printed workbook and follow along with the assignment.


Planning out when to take MCAT and what you need to get to your dream school

  1. If you’re JUST starting/thinking about MCAT prep this guide is for you.
  2. If you’ve already begun to prep but feel like you need to improve your strategy, this guide is also for you.
  3. If you’re considering retaking the MCAT, read the advice I offer in this article.

I recommend you start preparing for the MCAT about a year before you plan to take it.
If you’re testing in more than one year, bookmark this link and come back to it when you’re about a year out.

If you’re weeks away from taking your exam, you might benefit from the later steps for last minute strategy and advice.

Understanding what the MCAT is about

Depending on where you stand, some of these steps may seem repetitive.

Glance at the section headings and skim what you already know, while carefully reading what you don’t.

As a premed, you know you have to take the MCAT. But do you truly understand what this exam is all about?

Details matter.

A new subscriber emailed me asking if he can use a calculator on his full-length practice test.
No calculators are allowed on the MCAT = you should not practice with calculators.

He managed to miss this detail in all his research. Imagine the panic he avoided for test day! Not to mention the impact it would have on his score.

This is just one of the many things that you MUST, MUST know as you begin your MCAT prep journey.

Read the entire MCAT prep guide

The best way to use this guide:

  • First, read it from start to finish without stopping.
  • Next, go back to the beginning (Step one) and take the step-by-step journey, one at a time.
  • Look at this guide as your new best friend and personal consultant—you have to be in contact regularly.

I’m sure you’ll find my approach helpful and user friendly, so much so that you won’t want to stop reading! I can’t wait for you to get started. Good luck on your journey!

And if you haven’t already…

Be sure to download the Companion Workbook to help you keep track of what you learn.
Download the Ultimate MCAT Prep Guide Companion Workbook by Leah4sci