Where you Sit MATTERS

where you sit mattersWhen it comes to high school or college seating arrangements, students can usually choose their own seats. Chances are you don’t give it a second thought and slide into the closest empty seat or perhaps a seat near your friend. While you are not confined to this seat, you likely wind up in the same spot lecture after lecture. But I am here to tell you that where you sit actually does matter. Choosing the right seat from day one will increase your chances of academic success.

Why Not to Sit Towards the BACK!!

Sitting in the back of the classroom means you are more likely to be distracted. Distractions include anything from the chatter bugs in front of you to the smell of the your friends’ breakfasts as they munch away. Even if the these are small, you may find your mind wandering for 5 or 10 minutes, and before you know it, you’ve missed a crucial point in the lesson. Sitting toward the back can also make it difficult for you to follow the actual lecture. You may not catch every word and can have difficulty seeing the presentation. Missing a small factor here and there slowly adds up, and you can find yourself at a disadvantage on exam day.

Then Where SHOULD You Sit?

My experience has shown that the ideal seat is in the front of the classroom, and slightly off-center. You don’t want to sit right in the teacher’s face, yet want to ensure you are close enough to hear what is being taught and follow along with the lecture. If you are off to the side, check that you can still see the blackboard or projection screen so you don’t find yourself craning to copy notes.

Sitting in the front ensures that all the annoying distractions are behind you, leaving your only focus the actual lecture in progress. This seat also prevents YOU from creating a distraction. You are less likely to engage in whispered conversations, text your friends, or even take a nap (yes this does happen) if you know the professor is about three feet away. Even if they don’t object, the thought of being disrespectful should keep your extracurricular activities in check.

What if your class has assigned seating? Approach your teacher and be sincere in your request. “Would it be ok if I switched seats? I know I am more attentive and learn better if I sit up front.” Your teacher will be hard-pressed to deny your academically driven request. Don’t let that A slip away due to habit! Show up early the first day of class and pick your ideal seat. Starting the semester with this driven mindset will propel you on your way to academic success.

What do YOU think?

I want to hear from you. What has motivated your choice of seat in the past? Do you think where you sit makes a difference? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


  1. I always sit front & center. I would be very distracted if I sat in the back.

  2. Brittany says

    I’ve always sat in the front. My maiden name starts Abda. so even in assigned seating I was generally in the front. If I sit anywhere but the front I am thoroughly thrown off my game!

    • Too funny Brittany. My last name starts with an ‘F’ but I somehow managed to be first or second in the second row. If I was ever ‘assigned’ a far seat I explained to the teacher that I ‘tend to tune out so I need to sit in the front’. They are surprised and so typically agreed

  3. I’ve started sitting in the from this semester and I’m definitely seeing a difference. (:

  4. vanessa anosike says

    This Is so true. I find I’m more attentive in the front

  5. Have sat everywhere. Prefer the back. Have a 4.0 sciGPA.

    Sitting somewhere specific does not make anyone more or less intelligent.

    • It’s not about making students more or less intelligent, it’s about maximizing the learning potential and minimizing distractions while in class.

  6. thariq aziz says

    thank you very much…extreemly useful…

  7. Kathryn Kistner says

    Yes, I have noticed that sitting on the front row makes a huge difference. I have ADD traits, and this helps me immensely from getting distracted. In many non-school lectures and presentations, almost NO ONE sits on the first row; I love that they save a place for me there! I always sit on the front row, now.

  8. This is really useful!!

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