Which Equations To Choose in MCAT Kinematics Translational Motion Video 9

Which Equations To Choose in MCAT Translational Motion Video by Leah FischAs an MCAT tutor, one of the common questions I receive is “How do I know which equations to use?” With so many formulas to memorize it’s hard to keep them all straight, and even harder to pick out one from the many many formuals you’ve studied.

The video below breaks down the different kinematic equations looking at them from many different aspects to ensure you understand their relationships. The video also shows you how to analyze any given kinematics problem to quickly and easily recognize the appropriate kinematic equation based on the data provided and tested.

Translational Motion 9 – Kinematic Equations

(Watch on YouTube: Kinematic Equations. Click cc on the bottom right for video transcription.)

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This is Video 9 in my series on Translational Motion in MCAT Physics. Click HERE for the entire series

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