How to Create a Realistic
2024 MCAT Study Plan

How To Maximize Content, Find Your Ideal Practice/FL Balance, and Craft a Custom-Tailored MCAT Plan to Hit Your Goals Burnout-Free
LIVE Workshop + Q&A  
 Sunday, May 19th 
8:00 PM Eastern Time 
During this workshop you will learn...
Content Mastery: How to learn, understand and retain concepts without overwhelm.
Practice Without Burnout: Find YOUR perfect balance of content, passages, and full lengths to optimize practice and prevent burnout
Efficient Study Plan: Maximize your study time without wasting weeks on the wrong approach.
Milestones & Checkpoints: Establish regular checks to ensure you’re on track, eliminating the worry ‘Will I be ready in time?’
Creating YOUR Plan: Sample study plan walkthrough  to help you craft your customized version