Unit Conversions in MCAT Chemistry and Physics

Unit conversions dimensional analysis tutorial video series by Leah4sciDimensional Analysis, aka Unit Conversions, doesn’t have to be so confusing! Especially when it comes to MCAT physics or chemistry.

Are you making problems more difficult than they have to be? Not anymore!

This new tutorial series will give you a simple and practical, yet common sense approach!

It’s slightly difficult to master, but once you do you’ll find all conversions so much easier as a result.

Don’t forget to check out your skills with my Unit Conversions Quiz (coming soon) and Handy SI Unit Cheat-Sheet!

Dimensional Analysis Unit Conversions on the MCATVideo 1: Intro to Unit Conversions AKA Dimensional Analysis

This video starts out with perhaps a ‘boring’ explanation of facts you already know. But wait for it, the foundation here is KEY to saving you time down the line as you build up a solid conversion foundation.

Unit Conversions Part 2 by Leah4sci in Unit Conversions SeriesVideo 2: Unit Conversions AKA Dimensional Analysis Pt 2

The next step to unit conversion is applying it to multiple dimensional analysis. This video will walk you through examples using easy MCAT Math!

mcat math cheat sheet previewNot solid in the Math foundation for conversions?
Go back and review the MCAT Math Without A Calculator video series along with the practice quiz and cheat sheet.

SI Units & Common Conversions Cheat Sheet

You have to know your SI units for the MCAT. This includes common numeric prefix values. You’ll also be expected to memorize common conversions for the MCAT.

This cheat sheet covers the basics to help you through this series and the upcoming stoichiometry series (coming later on)

SI units and conversion factors mcat cheat sheet leah4sci

Unit Conversions Practice Quiz (coming soon)

Ready to apply what you know? Test your knowledge and understanding with unit conversion practice quiz!