MCAT Tutoring With Leah Fisch

Leah Fisch - MCAT TutorAre you struggling with your MCAT preparations? Perhaps you’re having difficulty with the individual scientific concepts and MCAT passage application? Are you looking for someone to help you break down the material in a simple and logical manner so that you can understand and apply what you’ve learned to your upcoming MCAT?

Let me help you figure out where you stand with your MCAT score right now, and improve on your weak areas to help you reach your desired MCAT score.

I offer private online tutoring sessions which are conducted just like in-person tutoring sessions. I use a tablet PC along with a screen-sharing program allowing you to view my screen as we work through problems, solve passage based questions, and map out solutions.

You can attend my online tutoring sessions using a laptop, tablet, or ipad with a webcam and decent internet connection. Attend while in school, at home, or at your local WiFi cafe.

Notes from an actual tutoring session

My tutoring method is based on understanding. I want to ensure that you not only ‘get’ the information, but feel strong enough with the foundation to apply concepts to any question format. To ensure you understand I keep my sessions highly interactive encouraging you to ask and answer questions the entire time.

To ensure maximum participation I will save our session drawings/work as a PDF and email you the notes soon as we’re done. This will allow you to concentrate on the work at hand instead of worrying about writing down everything we discuss.

Tutoring hours and rates

Standard: $175/hour Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm Eastern Time

$225/hour for LIMITED night and weekend sessions

Policy and Procedure for Scheduling an Online Session

  • You will require a webcam and microphone headset
  • Submit your desired day/time using the form below
  • Payment via PayPal is required to confirm your session. (I will not block out a slot for a ‘maybe’)
  • Cancellation Policy: I require 48 hours notice of cancellation for a full refund or 50% fee for shorter notice

Click HERE if you’re interested in working with me via private tutoring session