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The true key to successful mastery of alkene reactions lies in practice practice practice. However, when you have a homework assignment, quiz,exam around the corner, it helps to have a reaction summary guide for quick reference. That’s why I created this alkene reaction overview. This guide is designed to help you recognize alkene reaction products at a quick glance including key components such as syn/anti addition or Markovnikov/anit-Markovnikov products.

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For in-depth learning of alkene reactions watch my Tutorial Videos or visit my Reaction Library. Mastered the basics?  Click HERE for my FREE Alkene Reactions Practice Quiz

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See the detailed video explaining this cheat sheet linked on the bottom of this page. Alkene Reactions Cheat Sheet Leah4sci Organic Chemistry

18 Alkene Reaction Shortcuts in 15 Minutes

The video below is a walk-through of the above cheat sheet explaining the reaction tricks and shortcuts.


  1. Tomorrow is my hydrocarbon test and I wonder 2 complete my whole revision within just 15-20 mins by using ur orgo cheat sheets and shortcut videos.I ‘ve been seeing & enjoying mechanisms of reactions, which would be otherwise so boring ,from a long time from ur orgo videos. Thankful to u always and forever ,for changing my perceptions & learning how to grasp organic chemistry. Anshul

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    Send link to Alkane, Alkyne, Aromatic notes pls

  5. Is the oxidative cleavage on your cheat sheet correct?

  6. Your channel is great….i really understood a lot better….but i saw there are very few videos…like few named reactions(hundsdiecker, diazotization, sandmaeyer, frinkelstein, NBS..etc). It would be great if u could get these added(forgive me if the reactions were embedded in some other video i didn’t check out)

  7. I am struggling so bad in ochem, is there any way you can help me or give me tips??

  8. Thank you soo much. Exam was Monday but rained out in Houston. Surfing web came across your tutorials. So very much helpful.

  9. I am a bit confused with the oxidative cleavage. In the video you got CO2 but that is not what you have on the “cheat sheet.” Can you please explain the oxidative cleavage a little bit more? Thank you!

  10. Thank you so much Leah for your time, this is very helpful.

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  12. very good work… can you help me about benzene reactions… 🙂

  13. I’m doing a practice exam and your cheat sheet is awesome but what would I write to “specify the expected major organic product” when I solve the reactions. For a hydrogenation reaction I don’t see how there could be a minor(or if there is a minor)

    • Leah4sci says

      Not every reaction will have a major/minor. Keep in mind that when you have a carbocation the Markovnikov product is considered the major. Not every professor will ask for the Anti-Markovnikov as the minor

  14. It was very useful for me. Thanks

  15. Hi Leah- you have been so helpful with getting started with organic chem. I still hate it but at least I’m starting to grasp it. Do you have any information on writing condensed formulas for aromatics (benzene, toluene, phenol, aniline)? Thank you!


  17. gloria kalenga says

    wow am loving your video and where are you located I need to join the organic chemistry hall for help because I’ miss sometimes what the professor says sometimes

    • Thank you Gloria. I live in NY but the study hall is an online program which you can access from anywhere. Details:

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  19. So we only use hydride and methyl shift mechanism in hydrohalogenation and acid catalyzed hydration ?

  20. Thanks a lot for helping us in organic chemistry….I adore organic….I have a problem about anti…our instructors didn’t mention it as well what about 1,2-diols using HIO4 as reagent thanks a lot I appreciate that

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    Thank you so much for making this organic chemistry so simple n easy to learn Leah ma’am, it was a bit too complicated before. 🙂

  22. I failed my class, and technically need to take one last exam first thing next year to see if I’d get a second chance and pass, but I love your website because it’s so helpful. I’ve used it all semester. Thank you for this! <3

    • I’m sorry to hear that you failed your exam. Passively watching videos is NOT enough. You must learn, practice, take notes… and follow the advice in my 10-secrets guide to do well

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    Thankyou so much for making organic chemistry intresting……loved your videos….as well as ur voice…..

  24. I was looking for mechanisms when I found your website. I really whish I had found it when I began O Chem. it would had made a difference on my grade. Unfortunately, my final is in two days. your site is great though. You explain thing very 🙂 well thanks! I will let my classmates know about it

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  26. I just want you to know that I’ve stopped watching other orgo videos because you explain everything so well! No more “gotta watch 5 different videos just to understand 1 topic.” Thanks so much!

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  30. Hey Leah! Do you have any videos about statistical analysis and experimental design? =)

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  37. Hey there,

    Why is it that on this sheet, the Hydrogenation (H2/Pt) of an alkene is syn-addition where as on you sheet for Oxidation + Reduction, the alkene reduction with (H2/Pt) is anti-addition?

    • Leah4sci says

      Anne, it’s a syn addition, always. I double checked the sheet and don’t see the anti addition you refer to

  38. Seriously you are incredible, Leah! Your videos explain every concept so much more clearly and concisely than any professor I’ve ever had. And these cheat sheets are lifesavers.

  39. Waw you are amazing. You are of a great help for me GBU. I will keep following the link for more information on rearrangement reactions. Thank you.

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    i never found organic as such after my A level, i had a great teacher at A level, u made me remember him, thank you so much.

  43. The videos are really awesome…but when can i expect the videos on rest of the topics like ozonolysis, polymerisation, ALKYNE REACTIONS, PREPARATION OF ALKENE, ALKYNE, ALKANE…..i find it difficult to understand from textbook..

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    • Thank you Samantha and good luck on your final exam. As for becoming a professor… nah I love so why would I do anything else?

  52. For Hydroboration-oxidation, shouldn’t the OH and the H be face the same direction. I’ve watched other videos and that’s what it seems to be but here you have them in opposite directions.

    • You’re correct Mike, the OH and H add via syn-addition. When shown in line structure there is no 3-D so it doesn’t matter. If you want to specify direction use dashes and wedges.

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  64. I really appreciate your you-tube videos that completely describe the reaction mechanisms for alkenes. I know it takes a lot of work and time, but I wanted to ask: When can we expect videos about the rest of the reactions? Especially the oxymercuration-demurcuration…

    • Thank you for the kind words about my videos. As for the remaining mechanisms I don’t know if/when I’ll post them. I focused on the main reactions that require simple mechanisms and then moved on to another series that students were asking for at the time

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