Are You Worried That Bombing The MCAT Will Keep You Out Of Medical School?

Leah Fisch - Tutor

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the required MCAT material, unsure of where to start?

With so many MCAT prep courses out there, do you find yourself lost in a sea of content without proper teaching on concepts and MCAT testing applications?

When practicing, do you get stuck on calculations resulting on confusion and incorrect answers?

Do you find yourself racing the clock, unable to complete all the passages before your timer runs out?

Do you wish you had someone who can take you by the hand, help you identify your specific weak areas, and help you work through them to help you earn a competitive MCAT score?

Your MCAT score is a huge deciding factor when it comes to acceptance into medical school. Yet to succeed on the MCAT there are so many pieces that must come together. You need a solid foundation of concepts, ability to apply your knowledge to MCAT style passage based questions, perform the correct calculations quickly, and so much more.

Of course it’s difficult, otherwise everyone would do it.

But if you’re worried that a low MCAT score will keep YOU from getting into medical school then fear not, you’re in the right place. Yes the MCAT is tough, but I can help you prepare to do your best. I will help you identify your weak areas, teach you the material to build your foundation, work with you to help you master your application ability, and personally help you achieve your desired MCAT score.

My name is Leah Fisch. I am a former pre-med student, EMT, US Navy combat veteran, and the founder/creator of and over 100 Leah4sci tutorial videos on YouTube.

As an online science tutor for nearly a decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of premed students helping them prepare for and ace the MCAT.

As a former pre-med student turned online science tutor I’ve worked with dozens of premed students, helping them through their difficult science courses and MCAT preparations. Over the years I’ve helped dozens of students break 30s on their MCAT and get accepted into medical school.

In working with students on an individual basis, I am able to help them identify their weak areas and tackle them one by one to ensure a solid foundation from the ground up. Together we work through concepts, content, and application, but we also tackle mindset and preparation to maximize every potential advantage.

MCAT tutoring client Erin

(Erin is currently a first year and New Your Medical College and loving it)

My tutoring style is based on the idea of ‘understand, don’t memorize’. Learn the material, understand what is happening and why, then see if you can apply what you know and understand to unfamiliar and even tricky questions.

You will get this by watching my organic chemistry and MCAT tutorial videos, reading through my Study Guide Cheat Sheets, from the information I share on my study tips blog, and especially in my Organic Chemistry membership site.

If, after reading my study tips and watching my videos, you want more personalized help, I do offer online private tutoring.

Notes from a Recent Tutoring SessionHere’s how it works:

My online sessions are conducted using a screen sharing program and a tablet PC. You can attend from any internet-capable device including computer, laptop, or tablet/ipad. You get to watch my screen as I draw out problems, and work through solutions, asking and answering questions along the way.

I keep my sessions very interactive asking lots of questions to ensure that you really get what’s going on. To keep your focus on the material instead of note-taking, I email you a full color PDF of our session notes soon as we’re done so that you have a resource for study and review.

I offer tutoring Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm ET at $175/hour and LIMITED night/weekend sessions at $225/hour

Click HERE if you’re interested in working with me via private tutoring session

Or join me in the MCAT Study Hall guided MCAT prep from strategy session to step by step accountability. Details:

I’ve put a great deal of time/effort into creating the very best online resources to help you with your pre-med journey. If you’re new to the site and don’t know where to start, I recommend delving into the following resources: