Organic Chemistry Tutor

Why you Need an Organic Chemistry Tutor

Private tutoring, especially for a subject like organic chemistry is usually a must if you want to stay on top of the material and ultimately on top of the curve
Unlike your student filled classroom, a private tutoring session will allow you to ask the specific questions that are giving you a difficult time. The session runs at your own pace, and covers the material that you need answered. We can talk through the concepts to strengthen your foundation, dissect mechanisms to ensure you understand why each step happens, and work through your difficult homework assignments or practice exams

Where I Come In

I am a military veteran and run a one-person tutoring company (Leah4sci) I cover all sciences you will encounter from high school through medical school. I really enjoy the puzzle aspect of organic chemistry and am very passionate about helping you understand the material as well.

How it Works

Organic Chemistry Tutor NotesI use a special program for my private tutoring sessions called GoToMeeting. This program is better than Skype, and does not require you to register. I use the screen sharing option in conjunction with my tablet PC. Instead of staring at me for the hour (boring) you get to see my screen as we chat through problems and I draw out solutions.
All you really need is a mic/headset and decent internet connection
Once the session is complete I will send you a PDF copy of the session notes via email (see sample notes on left)
My students love the convenience of this tutoring style as it allows them to attend a session without having to meet up, travel, get stuck in traffic, and yes, some even attend in their pajamas

How to Schedule a Session

  • Let me know what day/time you prefer for your session using the tutoring request link below. The more days/hours you choose, the more likely your desired time-slot will be available
  • Payment is required to confirm your session. (your time-slot will NOT be held prior to payment. I apologize for this but I will not block another student from scheduling for a ‘maybe’)
  • Cancellation Policy: I require 48 hours notice to cancel a session for a full refund or 50% for shorter notice.

How Much Does It Cost?

Tutoring sessions are scheduled by the hour. My current rate is as follows:
$175/hour Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm EST
$225/hour Nights and Weekends (Limited Availability)

Actual Notes from a Recent Tutoring Session

These are screen shots from actual notes taken during a recent tutoring session. The student was able to chat with me and ask questions as we worked through a number of alkene reaction mechanisms.
What the Student Had to Say
“These sessions are so convenient, you explain things so well, and I don’t even have to go anywhere”

Notes from Organic Chemistry Tutoring SessionOrganic Chemistry Tutor Notes

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Can’t Afford a Private Session?

I understand that not everyone can afford my $175/hour rate
I have a special program, the Organic Chemistry Study Hall that caters to both students on a budget, and tutoring clients looking for additional information.
As a member of the Study Hall you can bimonthly live group sessions, watch unlimited replays of past sessions, and have direct access to me through a private facebook group
Click the link below for more information

Organic Chemistry Study Hall

Organic Chemistry Tutor Testimonials

-I couldn’t make these up, see these comments live on my YouTube Channel

2hrs of class being lost and explained in 14mins. Unbelievable! Thank you so much!
~ Shy Davis
for the first time i understand these stuff,you are so so great at teaching!
Thank you Leah again for your time on this stuff..I have a few years in between doing general chem and then starting this Organic chem. I feel like professor teaches nothing, so this is the best way for me to learn.
this is so helpful. I was feeling nervous as in lecture i was completely lost but thanks to your explanation it makes so much sense. I have learned new trait today which is Analyzing rather than memorizing. thank you so much
Helped a lot! Now I actually know a method to make the isomers! Before, I was just trying to think of them randomly, and it was a mess!