Online Organic Chemistry Tutoring

Leah Fisch - TutorAre you looking for help with your organic chemistry course? do you need someone to help you break down concepts so that you understand your homework assignments and can make sense of the what and how in practice exams?

I offer private online tutoring for organic chemistry

  • Regular college-level orgo coursework / homework / exam review
  • Organic Chemistry as part of your test prep including MCAT, DAT, PCAT and more

I also offer tutoring for General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology and Physics as well as exam prep including MCAT, DAT, PCAT and more.

Hours and Rates:

I charge $175 per hour for weekday sessions Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm Eastern

I also offer LIMITED night/weekend sessions at $225 per hour

Notes from a past tutoring session

Notes from a tutoring session

How it Works:

I use a screen sharing program along with a tablet PC. This allows you to see my screen as I help you work through your questions drawing out explanations, reactions and mechanisms. All session notes will be emailed to you as a full-color PDF as soon as the session is over.

Policy and Procedure for Scheduling an Online Session

  • You will need a webcam and microphone or headset.
  • Submit your preferred day/time using the link below . The more hours you suggest, the more likely I will have that slot available.
  • Payment via PayPal is required PRIOR to your session (your time-slot will NOT be held prior to payment. I apologize for this but I will not block another student from scheduling for a ‘maybe’)
  • Cancellation Policy I require 48 hours notice to cancel a session for a full refund or 50% for shorter notice.

Scheduling A Private Tutoring Session

I have a pretty full tutoring schedule and therefor advise you to request a session as early as possible. 1-2 week notice recommended because chances are I may not have an opening for the same day or next day request.

Click HERE to Request A Session

Can’t Afford a Private Session?

I understand that not everyone can afford my $175/hour rate
I have a special program, the Organic Chemistry Study Hall that caters to both students on a budget, and tutoring clients looking for additional information.
As a member of the Study Hall you can bimonthly live group sessions, watch unlimited replays of past sessions, and have direct access to me through a private facebook group
Click the link below for more information

Organic Chemistry Study Hall

Organic Chemistry Tutor Testimonials

(I couldn’t make these up, see these comments live on my YouTube Channel
im pharmacy student and i must admit,i have a great and amazing professor but u just explaind me so well that im adore your way of explaintion ! u are great ! thumbs up
~ alex shalamayev
2hrs of class being lost and explained in 14mins. Unbelievable! Thank you so much!
~ Shy Davis
for the first time i understand these stuff,you are so so great at teaching!
Thank you Leah again for your time on this stuff..I have a few years in between doing general chem and then starting this Organic chem. I feel like professor teaches nothing, so this is the best way for me to learn.
this is so helpful. I was feeling nervous as in lecture i was completely lost but thanks to your explanation it makes so much sense. I have learned new trait today which is Analyzing rather than memorizing. thank you so much
Helped a lot! Now I actually know a method to make the isomers! Before, I was just trying to think of them randomly, and it was a mess!