Orgo Prefinals Backwards Study Calendar

Finals will be here before you know it, what should you do?

This video will discuss creating a ‘Backwards Calendar.’ What does this mean? How will it help? Watch and find out.

(Watch on YouTube: Finals. Click CC for transcription)

Start getting familiar with the following study strategies:

Let me know in the comments below what study strategies you find are most helpful!

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  1. I still have a quiz on chapter 10 tomorrow and then another quiz on chapter 11 on the 30th. Our final exam is on Dec 6th. I broke it down where I review chap 1 & 2 tomorrow after my quiz and then review. Weekends I’ll have to read a chapter in 2 days because I work weekends over night. I have a good schedule laid out on my calendar.
    I think the chapters I worry about the most are: Chemical Reactions, Acid and Bases, Stereochemistry (R, S, chirality, Meso..etc), Alkyl Halides, Nucleophilic sub, and then the remainder of the chapters: Synthesis and Reactions of Alkenes, Alkynes. I am not too sure on those reactions.

    • John, overall sounds like a good schedule. I will encourage you to try and get through most chapters a bit faster and give yourself slightly more time for the listed worrisome chapters.

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