Oxidation Reduction Organic Chemistry Practice Quiz

Oxidation and Reduction Organic Chemistry Practice QuizOxidation and Reduction reactions will come up over and over in your organic chemistry course.┬áThink you’ve mastered redox reactions and reagents? Try the practice quiz below then scroll down (end of the quiz) for the PDF solutions.

Not fully confident with redox? Review the redox tutorial video series and follow along with the Orgo Redox Cheat Sheet.

Redox Quiz Part 1

Determine if the following reactions represent oxidation, reduction, or neither.

Redox Practice Quiz alcohol to ketone

Redox Practice Quiz alcohol to alkene

Redox Practice Quiz benzene to hexadiene

Redox Practice Quiz alkyne to aldehyde

Redox Practice Quiz ketone to hemiketal

Redox Quiz Part 2

Complete the following reactions by filling in any missing reactants, reagents, or products.

Redox Practice Quiz partial reduction

Redox Practice Quiz LiAlH4 to alcohol

Redox Practice Quiz side chain oxidation with KMnO4

Redox Practice Quiz Clemmensen reduction

Redox Practice Quiz alkene with KMnO4 cold dilute

Redox Practice Quiz primary alcohol with PCC

Redox Practice Quiz amide to amine

Redox Practice Quiz carbonyl with Raney Nickel

Redox Practice Quiz substituted benzene with Na NH3 and EtOH

Redox Practice Quiz LiAlH4 reduction for a single diol product

Redox Quiz Part 3 – Intermediate/Advanced Questions

3.1: Fill in the missing intermediates and reagents in this reaction sequence
Redox Practice Quiz multi-step synthesis with KMnO4 LiAlH4 and PCC

3.2 Show the product when the given starting molecule reacts with each reagent listed a-e
Redox Practice Quiz selective oxidation and reduction using H2 DiBAlH LiAlH4 NaBH4 and KMnO4

3.3 Show how to bring about the following transformation.
Hint: This question requires knowledge of protecting groups
Redox Practice Quiz ketone and ester to ketone and alcohol


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