About Leah

Leah Fisch founder of Leah4sciScience is the foundation of nature, the inspiration of artists – and the one subject that confounds many people.

To me, science is fun! Explaining how things work? That’s my passion.

My tutoring approach is based on one simple idea: Understanding. Knowing the how and why helps you appreciate how things work. You need to understand more than the answer to a particular question.

Because if you understand the concepts (instead of just memorizing them) – essentially, the whys and hows of the scientific theories that you are studying – I am confident you will be able to master any question that would pop up on a test or future exam.

The best teachers understand that each student is unique, and has their own way of learning information. Customizing, personalization – these are key to helping you learn the intricate nature of science.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been breaking down the fundamentals – and more esoteric – aspects of science since high school, when friends would plead with me to join their study groups as we hashed out the chemistry of fireworks, and biological workings of the heart. In high school, my neighbor paid me $10 an hour to prepare her daughter for finals exams.

I was hooked. The smile on a student’s face, symbolizing the lightbulb that just went off, simply made my day

In my college days, I worked for the school’s Learning Center as a biology tutor, and pioneered their SI (Supplemental Instruction) program where I taught science students how to learn and study effectively.

I also tutored privately, and helped failing students turn around their academic fortunes to ace Regents, APs, and SAT II exams. Today, my college student clients score well above the curve, high school students ace their exams. and dozens of MCAT students score high enough to apply to the medical schools of their dreams.

Leah Fisch ABOT deploymentI am not your typical science tutor. While my friends were off shopping, I was hiking (dangerously) on the local train tracks, and searching for birds’ nests and rabbit dens. I worked as a lifeguard in high school, then later was certified as an emergency medical technician. I’m a veteran of the U.S. Navy, where I served 8 years in reserve including a year in the Middle East as part of the Maritime Expeditionary Security Forces in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom back in 2010. While in the reserves I worked towards my dual degree in Chemistry and Biology.

To learn a bit more about me, read why I was banned from taking the MCAT!

Polymer clay mermaid babyFor fun, I enjoy Hiking, bike-riding, gardening, and sculpting tiny fantasy creatures – think fairies, mermaids, and elves – out of polymer clay.

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