Diels Alder Reaction Mechanism Organic Chemistry

Diels Alder Reaction Tutorial Video Series by Leah4sciWhen it comes to complex orgo reactions, Diels Alder is one of my favorite, perhaps second to the Aldol/Claisen condensations. This reaction is one that appears tricky at first, especially when faced with heavily substituted or cyclic reactants. However, if you follow my pattern and apply the tricks I teach you here, Diels Alder will be a source of ‘free points’ for you any time it shows up on your exam.

Reaction Guide and Practice Problems to follow (Coming soon)

This video series is currently in-progress.

Video 1 – Diels Alder Reaction, Mechanism, and Product Trick

Diels Alder Reaction Mechanism Video by Leah Fisch

Video 1 in the DA series helps you understand the cycloaddition reaction mechanism and intermediate. This video also teaches you my trick for quickly identifying DA products from any given starting diene and dienophile, and the reverse trick for finding reactions from the cyclohexene product.

Video 2 – Diels Alder for Cyclo Reactants and Bicyclo products

Diels Alder reaction video cyclo reactants and bicyclo productsVideo 2 shows you how to apply the tricks from video 1 to cyclic starting molecules. You’ll also learn how to find the starting diene/dieonophile from a bicyclic product
Additional DA videos include stereochemistry of DA reactions and the effects of electron donating/withdrawing groups.