MCAT CARS – Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

MCAT CARS Section Guidance by Leah4SciCritical Analysis and Reasoning Skills represents just one section of the MCAT, but the strategies you learn for the CARS section will carry over to the sciences as well.
This includes everything from critical reading, timing and efficiency, and learning how to simplify what you read so that you quickly move through the passages.

While my YouTube channels focus on Organic Chemistry and MCAT Science, this (MCAT CARS) is not a topic to be overlooked.

It’s not JUST about doing CARS practice passages, it’s also about developing a reading and comprehension strategy starting with the following:

Newspaper Strategy for MCAT Verbal ReasoningNewspaper Strategy For Increasing your MCAT Verbal (CARS) Score

Unlike the sciences you are used to, you can’t study cold hard facts to improve your verbal (CARS) score.

For many students, the challenge of the CARS section is simply in the reading, reading and more reading of boring passages on topics that make you want to rip your hair out.

Use this strategy to gain comfort, confidence and speed in this section.

Scientific journals for MCAT prep video by Leah4sciScientific Journals for MCAT Passage Reading Practice

Learn HOW to get through passages efficiently and how to skim passages.

Remember, what works for critical reading in the sciences will translate to CARS and what works in CARS will translate to the sciences.

MCAT Timing Strategy for CARS and Sciences Passages Video

How to Improve Timing for MCAT CARS and Science Passages

It’s not enough to simply master content and passages, you have to learn how to complete each section in time.

Working too slow =  running out of time and potential lost questions.  Working too fast =  rushing and again potential lost points. This video teaches you an efficient pacing strategy to improve your MCAT passage timing for the CARS and science sections.

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