MCAT Math Without A Calculator

MCAT math without a calculator by Leah FischThe MCAT is an exam testing your science knowledge and critical reading ability. Yet many of the science questions, especially relating to physics and chemistry will require you to work through calculations that potentially require a calculator. But you are not allowed to use a calculator on the MCAT. This means you must learn how to do complex calculations using pencil and paper, or better yet, in your head.

This tutorial video series will take you through a series of math skills, from learning concepts to applying tips, tricks and shortcuts. I’ve kept each video relatively short and recommend that you work through them in sequence.

MCAT Math Study Guide Cheat Sheet

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MCAT Math Tutorial Video Series

Video 1 – Introduction (must-see)

mcat math without a calculator 1 play

Video 2 – Trick for Multiplying and Dividing Units of 10

mcat math video 2 multiplication and division unit of 10

Video 3 – Factor Of 10 Shortcut (cont from vid 2)

MCAT math tutorial video factor of 10 trick part 2

Video 4 – Scientific Notation – Addition / Subtraction / Multiplication / Division

mcat math without a calculator video 4

Video 5 – Squares and Square Roots

MCAT math video squares and square roots

Video 6 – Fractions, Ratios, Percentages and Proportions

MCAT math tutorial video fractions ratios percentages proportions

Video 7 – Trigonometry + Sin/Cos Value Trick

MCAT Math tutorial video trigonometry

Video 8 – Logarithms and Negative Logs

mcat math tutorial video on logarithms and negative logs

Video 9 – Antilogs

mcat math without a calculator vid 9 antilogs

Video 10 – Decimals & Exponents

MCAT Math Trick for Raising Decimals to Exponents No Calculator MCAT Leah Fisch






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