MCAT Physics Tutorial Videos

mcat physics tutorials by leah fischWelcome to the Leah4sci home of MCAT physics tutorials and more. This page includes a few beginner physics tutorial topics to help you learn HOW TO learn when it comes to MCAT prep.

My tutorials focus on how to approach, and UNDERSTAND the material in a way that allows you to reason through concepts and answer MCAT questions quickly and easily.

This is a new tutorial series, which will only be made better by your comments, critiques, and overall feedback. And of course, don’t forget to share these tutorials with your pre-med friends.

MCAT Translational Motion – Vectors and Kinematics

mcat physics vectors and components translational motion video 2

This series is your foundation into Newtonian Mechanics and covers:

  • Introduction to translational motion – dimensions, vectors, scalars
    Vectors and vector components
    Adding and subtracting vectors
    Adding vectors (cont) using vector components
    Speed and Velocity
    Free Fall
    Projectile Motion
    Choosing the correct kinematic equation

MCAT Physics – Forces

Forces in MCAT Physics Tutorial Video Series

Forces are KEY to understanding advanced physics topics. Learn what forces are all about and to apply Newton’s 3 laws.

This series breaks down the various forces along with calculations, some trig and free-body diagrams to help you build a solid physics foundation.

View them all here

Memorizing MCAT Equations

How to Memorize MCAT Equations

This article explains how to know the equation,
be confident in the equation, and use it proficiently!


Additional Series To Follow

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MCAT Kinematic Equations Cheat Sheet

Kinematics Cheat Sheet MCAT Physics Study Guide Preview