Newman Projections

Newman projections are important in organic chemistry to help you understand one aspect of molecular conformations. These videos will help you understand everything from Newman projection basics, how to convert Newman to other forms, how to analyze the energy of particular conformations, and of course how to draw an energy diagram.

Included in this series:

  1. Intro to Newman Projections
  2. Projections of Butane
  3. Projections of Substituted Propane
  4. Projections of Multi-Substituted Molecule
  5. Projection to Bond-Line Notation Trick
  6. Converting Newman to Fischer Projections

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Video 1- Intro to Newman Projections

Newman Projections VideoThis video covers the following topics:
Understanding a Newman Projection
– How to view and draw a Newman Projection
– Model kit rotational demonstration
– Staggered and eclipsed conformations
– Potential energy diagram of ethane


Video 2 – Projections of Butane

Newman Projection of Butane VideoThis video covers the following topics:
Converting a sawhorse projection to Newman Projection
– Staggered and eclipsed conformations for butane
– Guache, anti, and total-eclipsed interactions
– Energy diagram for conformations of butane

Video 3 – Projections of Substituted PropaneNewman Projection of Propane Video

This video covers the following topics:
– Drawing the Newman Projection from a 3-dimensional molecule in which not all of the atoms are shown
– Comparing energies of the staggered conformations
– Comparing energies of the eclipsed conformations
– 60 degree rotations for a multi-substituted molecule

Video 4 – Projections of Multi-Substituted Molecule Newman Projection Practice Example Video

This video covers the following topics:
Simplifying a complex molecule so that it can be turned into a 2-carbon molecule with visible substituents which is easily turned into the Newman Projection form


Video 5- Projection to Bond-Line Notation TrickNewman Projection to Bond Line Notation Trick by Leah4Sci

This video teaches you my logic-based trick to quickly turn a Newman Projection into a bond-line notation or skeletal structure without the need to rely on your model kit.


Video 6 – Converting Newman to Fischer ProjectionsConverting Newman to Fischer Projections Video

This video shows you how to convert from a Newman Projection to a Fischer projection using the long and tedious method followed by my shortcut.


Chair Conformations is another important conformational analysis topic!  

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