Acetals Ketals Hemiacetals Hemiketals in Organic Chemistry

Acetals Ketals Hemiacetals Hemiketals in Organic Chemistry Video Tutorial Series By Leah4sciAcetals vs ketals, hemiacetals or hemiketals can be confusing, but they don’t have to be!

This video tutorial series covers everything you need to know! From definitions and an overview to mechanisms,  cyclic acetal protecting groups for your synthesis/retrosynthesis arsenal and more!

Work your way through the videos then see how well you’ve mastered the material by attempting the Acetals Practice Quiz!

Acetals Ketals Hemiacetals Hemiketals Overview in Organic ChemistryVideo 1: Overview & Shortcut – Acetals, Ketals, Hemiacetals, and Hemiketals

Learn the definitions, reaction overviews, and a simple short cut so you can easily get the products or reactants!

Acetal & Hemiacetal ketal hemiketal mechanism leah4sci tutorial videoVideo 2: Acetal and Hemiacetal Reaction Mechanism

This video walks you step-by-step through the acid catalyzed acetal formation reaction mechanism! See WHY each step is taking place & the pattern so you can apply this to more mechanisms!

Cyclic Acetal Protecting Group Reaction & Mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Leah4sci

Video 3: Cyclic Acetal Protecting Group Reaction and Mechanism

See how to form cyclic acetal protecting groups in this detailed mechanism, along with shortcuts that are time-savers on practice, quizzes, and exams.

Acetal Practice Quiz by Leah4sci_previewTest your understanding with this Acetal Practice Quiz!



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