Fischer Projection Tutorial Series for Orgo and MCAT Students

Fischer Projections in Organic Chemistry Tutorial Video Series Leah4sciUnderstanding and drawing Fischer projections is a critical skill for many organic chemistry students, and definitely a critical skill for biochemistry and your MCAT/DAT or similar exam.

This tutorial series will take you through the very basics of Fischer Projections all the way through the advanced biochemistry concepts. Download my free Fischer Projections Cheat Sheet to follow along with the tutorials.

This is a brand new series including tutorials, videos, cheat sheet and practice quiz. Be sure to check back regularly as I’ll be adding new resources to this page every few days.

Do you need a Model Kit? Watch How to Use Your Organic Chemistry Model Kit.

Let’s start at the very beginning:

What are Fischer Projections? What do they represent?

Video 1 – Introduction to Fischer Projections

Fischer projections tutorial video how to draw part 1

Once you understand what they are, you have to be able to classify their chirality centers. That’s exactly what’s covered in video 2 – from simple single-carbon structures to more complex multi-chiral center molecules

Video 2 – Fischer Projection Stereochemistry

Fischer projection stereochemistry r s for single and multiple chiral centers (2)

Converting Fischer Projections

model kitBut Fischer projections cannot be studied in  vacuum. To truly understand them you must be comfortable converting to/from Sawhorse projections, Newman projections, even Haworth and Chair structures for sugar molecules.

If you have trouble visualizing these 3-D conversions I recommend picking up a simple model kit. Here’s the one I use and recommend. (If you purchase through this amazon link I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you)

Video 3: Sawhorse to Fisher and back

Sawhorse to Fischer Projections orgo tutorial video

Video 4: Newman to Fischer

Converting Newman to Fischer Projections Video

Video 5: Converting Fischer to Hayworth Pyaranose and Furanose

Converting Fischer to Haworth and Chair for glucose and fructose tutorial video

Need help drawing 6-membered rings and chairs? See my tutorial on drawing chairs and ring flips

Feel confident with Fischer Projections? Click to try the Practice Quiz