MCAT General Chemistry Crash Course Bootcamp

When it comes to general chemistry on the MCAT, Do you feel like it SHOULD be a basic enough topic? After all, Gen Chem is the foundation for Orgo and Biochem.Yet, do you find yourself struggling with the concepts and tripping over the math? I used to hate chemistry.I dreaded this subject,All because I had […]

Organic Chemistry Study Hall Semester Pass

Worried about your upcoming organic chemistry course? Concerned that, even while doing what you’ve always done to master other classes, it still won’t be enough? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I get it. I’ve been there! In fact… I nearly failed Organic Chemistry the first time I took it! (I opted for a W instead.) Now, […]

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My MCAT math study guide cheat sheet is free to download. All I ask is that you share via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ using the links below. If you prefer NOT to share click the direct link option below.   Right click and select the print option or click ‘save as’ to download a copy […]