Acid Base pH and pKa Calculations in MCAT Chemistry

Acids and Bases pH and pKa calculations in MCAT ChemistryAcids and Bases are important concepts to master on the MCAT. Yes there are lots of equations and calculations to master, but you must also have a solid foundation of the logic and concepts involved.

This video series will take you through acid base equations and calculations (math focus). If you’d like more focus on trends/concepts see my Orgo Acid/Base Tutorial series.

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Strong Acid/Base Mini Cheat Sheet

But first, if you don’t have a solid CONCEPT foundation see my ‘Acids and Bases in Organic Chemistry‘ tutorial video series. Not sure if you’re solid with the foundations? Try the practice quiz HERE

Don’t forget to grab your free copy of my Strong Acid/Base Mini Cheat Sheet!

Video 1 -Introduction to Acid Base Chemistry Conjugates and Reactions

Introduction to MCAT Acids and Bases Conjugates and Reactions videoVideo 1 serves as an introduction to acid/base chemistry and calculations.

This video takes you through the Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis definitions for acids and bases.

You’ll learn how to tell which is the acid and which is the base in any reaction, and how to analyze conjugate pairs.

Video 2 – H+ and pH Calculation for Strong Acids in MCAT Chemistry

pH Calculations for Strong Acids in MCAT Acid Base Chemistry Video 2 (2)Now that you understand your acids and bases, you must learn how to calculate ‘acidity’ in the form of [H+] and pH.

Video 2 shows you how to find the pH of a strong acidic solution quickly and easily, without a calculator.

Also included is a list of MUST-KNOW strong acids and the logic behind their stability.

Video 3 – pH and pOH Calculations for Strong Bases in MCAT Chemistry

Video 4 – Ka and pH for Weak Acids without ICE Table

pH and Ka for Weak Acids NO ICE TABLE in MCAT Chemistry video 4

Weak acid calculations are tricky if approached the traditional way. ICE Tables are time consuming and quadratic equations are nearly impossible without a calculator.

This video shows you how to find [H+] and pH for weak acids WITHOUT using an ICE Table or quadratic equation.

Video 5 – pH pOH ka and kb Calculations for Weak Bases in MCAT Chemistry

Weak Base pH pOH ka and kb Calculations in MCAT Chemistry by Leah FischWeak base pH/pOH calculations can be the most tedious given a starting ka OR kb, find the pOH then convert to pH. This video teaches you how to approach this quickly and easily to help you save time and frustration on your MCAT. Quick ka to kb conversion, pOH WITHOUT an ICE TABLE, and convert from pOH to pH.

Video 6 – Auto Ionization of Water in MCAT Acid Base Chemistry

Autoionization of water mcat tutorial video

Video 7 – pH/pOH [H+]/[OH-] Wheel 

pH pOH Wheel Acid Base Calculations in MCAT Chemistry tutorial video

MCAT Math Without A Calculator Video Series

Acid base chemistry has a LOT of math. Math which you MUST be able to complete quickly and confidently without a calculator. Need help? See my video series here:

mcat math without a calculator 1 play

Acid Base Cheat Sheet Study Guide

Oragnic chemistry acid base cheat sheet study guide preview