Reactions and Stoichiometry in MCAT Chemistry

Introduction to Stoichiometry and Reactions for MCAT Tutorial Video Series leah4sciThis Tutorial Video Series will guide you through the content you need to master for MCAT Chemistry Stoichiometry and Reactions. This series will help you master AAMC Content Category 4E!

This series includes everything from basic overviews of molecules and calculations, to advanced reactions, balancing and more.

You’ll also learn the most important aspect, the math and shortcuts behind this topic. Still rusty? Start with the MCAT Math Without A Calculator and MCAT Conversions tutorial series.

It will cover everything from terminology, step by step explanations, and practice problems!

Cheat Sheets and Practice Quiz will be coming soon!

Video 1: Intro to Reactions & Stoichiometry

Introduction to Reactions and Stoichiometry in MCAT General Chemistry Tutorial Video by Leah FischStart with a quick overview of key terms and concepts to build a proper foundation for the remainder of this series.

If you don’t understand the terms, you’ll have trouble with the related math.  Can’t skip this one!

Video 2: Calculating Molecular Weight and Formula Weight

Stoichiometry & Reactions 2 Molecular Weight by Leah FischThis video will show you how to find molecular weight in AMUs, grams per mole, formula weight conversions, and more, simply! Despite not being allowed to use a Calculator on the MCAT.


Additional Videos to follow in Feb 2018

  • Molecular Weight and Formula Weight
  • Empirical vs Molecular Formula
  • Molarity, Molality, and Molar Mass
  • Percent By Mass Composition
  • Avogadros number and more…

MCAT Reactions and Stoichiometry practice quiz coming very soon!