Enolate Ion Formation for Alpha Carbonyl Reactions

Reactions at the alpha carbonyl position with enolate intermediates occur in many reactions! This includes but is not limited to: Alpha-Halogenation, Haloform & Idoform tests, Aldol, Claisen Condensation and more. Once you grasp enolate anion formation, it’s reactivity and stability, you’ll have the clarity you need to master the upcoming reactions. This video also covers common enolate pKa […]

Haloform Reaction and Iodoform Test

The Haloform Reaction is a very specific type of alpha halogenation reaction. This reaction takes place at the methyl ketone turning the methyl into a good haloform leaving group. This can include chloroform and bromoform, and of course the Iodoform solid precipitate used in lab to test for the presence of a methyl ketone. The […]

Alpha Halogenation Reaction of Ketones and Aldehydes

Carbonyl groups provide a great starting point for synthesis reactions due to the reactivity at the alpha carbon position. Alpha halogenation is a great reaction to introduce leaving groups at the alpha position for further substitution or elimination reactions. Alpha halogenation can take place under acidic or basic conditions. The video below walks you through […]