Naming Aromatic Compounds Part 2 Ortho Meta Para Substituents on Benzene

In the previous video, Part 1 of the Aromatic Nomenclature, you saw how to name Benzene molecules using IUPAC and common nomenclature for a substituted benzene. This tutorial video below, Part 2, will walk you through the IUPAC rules for naming disubstituted benzene compounds using ortho meta and para. (Watch on YouTube: Aromatics 2. Click […]

Resonance Structures of Benzene

Benzene is a unique molecule when it comes to resonance structures. This video will show you how to draw the ‘circle’ of resonance for benzene, as well as resonance intermediates for substituted aromatic compounds including Electron Donating Groups EDG which resonate into the ring and Electron Withdrawing Groups EWG which cause resonance out of the ring. […]

Aromaticity Tutorial for Cyclic, Charged and Heterocyclic Aromatic Compounds

Aromaticity is one of the more exciting topics in organic chemistry, typically covered right before Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution. The concept can be tricky but the rules are relatively straightforward. Once you master this topic, aromatic questions become the source of quick and easy points, on an otherwise more difficult exam. In this tutorial I will […]

Halogen Exception Ortho Para Deactivators Tutorial Video

EAS Series: Video 13 This video shows you the unique directing effects of halogens on substituted benzene. Learn why they are ortho para directing yet still deactivate the benzene ring towards electrophilic aromatic substitution. (Watch on YouTube: Halogen Exception. Click CC on bottom right for transcript.) <– Watch Previous Video: Meta Direction Groups This is […]

Meta Direction Groups Video

EAS Series: Video 12 This video shows you the nature of deactivating groups as meta directors through through logic and structure to help you avoid memorization. (Watch on YouTube: M Directing. Click CC on bottom right for transcript.) <– Watch Previous Video: Ortho Para Directing Groups –> Watch Next Video: Halogen Exception Orgo Para Deactivators […]

Ortho Para Directing Groups Video

EAS Series: Video 11 This video takes you through the logic and structure of the ortho and para directing activating groups. (Watch on YouTube: O/P Directing. Click CC on bottom right for transcript.) <– Watch Previous Video: Resonance + Trick for Ortho Meta Para Additions EAS –> Watch Next Video: Meta Direction Groups This is […]

Naming Aromatic Compounds

Naming Organic Compounds Series: Video 20 This video and the following video will take you through the steps for naming aromatic compounds using their common names, as substituents off larger molecules, and as a parent molecule using ortho / meta / para. Click HERE for the Naming Aromatic Compounds Cheat Sheet (Watch on YouTube: Aromatics 1. […]