Newman Projection to Bond-Line Notation Trick Organic Chemistry

Newman Projection Series: Video 5 Newman projections provide you with a unique perspective of analyzing atomic interactions in a molecule. However, converting between Newman Projection and Sawhorse can be somewhat tricky. This video teaches you a quick shortcut for when you need to quickly convert between Newman to Sawhorse or Sawhorse to Newman. (Watch on […]

Newman Projection Part 4 – Multi-Substituted Molecule

Newman Projection Series: Video 4 What starts out as a potentially ridiculous molecule can easily be turned into a Newman Projection if you rewrite your sawhorse or ‘sideways’ structure into a 2-carbon molecule with substituents coming off it, just as they would your Newman Projection (Watch on YouTube: Multi-Substituted. Click CC on bottom right for […]

Newman Projection of Substituted Propane Video

Newman Projection Series: Video 3 This tutorial video shows you how to find and draw a Newman Projection for a substituted propane molecule even when some of the atoms are not directly visible. (Watch on YouTube: Substituted Propane. Click CC on bottom right for transcript.) <– Watch Previous Video: Newman Projection of Butane –> Watch […]

Newman Projection of Butane

Newman Projection Series: Video 2 This tutorial video shows how to draw a Newman Projection from a Sawhorse Projection of the butane molecule, starting from both staggered and eclipsed conformations. Also explained are the different energy levels attained my rotating the molecule in 60 degree increments to 360, and plotted on a potential energy diagram. […]

Newman Projection Video Part 1

Newman Projection Series: Video 1 This video explains conformational isomers and how to visualize and draw Newman Projections Also discussed are staggered and eclipsed conformations, along with a potential energy diagram for the conformational isomers of ethane from 0 – 360 degrees (Watch on YouTube: Newman Intro. Click CC on bottom right for transcript.) –> […]