Reaction Mechanism Patterns in Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Mechanisms Video Tutorial Series by Leah4SciAre you trying to memorize all the mechanisms your teacher is drawing on the board? Confused as you try to keep all the moving arrows and intermediates straight in your mind?
Desperately trying to keep track of mechanism after mechanism without any clear logic or pattern to the process?

In this tutorial video series, you will learn the basic patterns or organic chemistry mechanisms. No matter the reaction, no matter the steps, the arrows will fit into 1 of the 4 following mechanism patterns.

  1. Nucleophilic Attack
  2. Loss of Leaving Group
  3. Proton Transfer
  4. Rearrangement

And more importantly, you’ll understand the why and how behind each pattern to ensure you get it enough to apply to any sort of orgo mechanism.

Mechanisms Part 1 in Organic Chemistry Tutorial Video Series by Leah4SciIntro to Orgo Mechanisms – Nucleophilic Attack and Loss of Leaving Group

This video first gives an overview of what an organic chemistry mechanisms are all about. Including an in-depth look at the first 2 mechanism patterns:
nucleophilic attack and the loss of a leaving group.

Proton Transfer and Rearrangement

This video explains the third and fourth basic types of mechanisms found in Organic Chemistry. It will focus on the proton transfer and rearrangement.

Organic Chemistry Mechanisms Part 3 in Video Tutorial Series by Leah4Sci

Part 3: Examples

This video walks you through 2 complete reactions showing you how to identify each step: An SN1 reaction of 2-butanol with HCl & an acid catalyzed (H2SO4) formation of an ether from an alkene in methanol solution!

For even more practice

come join the Organic Chemistry Study Hall for more in-depth mechanism review workshops and lots and lots of mechanism practice. Details:

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