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Leah is unlike any other tutor you will find! I have relied on her for a wide variety of subject matters from Biology to Physics and Chemistry. I am a student that tends to challenge the person I am working with; Leah has undoubtedly been able to give me an understanding of each topic we worked on. She is great at supplying visuals, mnemonics, and examples that help make difficult material easier to remember. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to excel in their science education

-Niki, Chemistry / Organic Chemistry / Physics / MCAT

Leah is a fantastic tutor! In only one two-hour session, she was able to teach and explain the chemistry to my son so that after months and months, he finally understood it and has shown immediate improvement!!
-Nancy, High School Chemistry

Leah has worked with my daughter on several science subjects on the college level and she is beyond knowledgeable on all the topics. But, most importantly she has been amazing in imparting the information to her and making it easier to understand. I recommend her very, very highly!
-Michelle, Organic Chemistry / Physics

Leah has a personality and tutoring style that my son has immediately benefited from. She is very pleasant, yet very thorough, and super intelligent. She immediately connected with us. We are looking forward to a great working relationship that results in my Son reaching his academic goals
– Conway, ASVAB

This is a follow-up to my previous review. Due to Leah’s excellent tutoring and advice, My Son just achieved an AFQT score of 75 on the ASVAB! That is an almost perfect score and is higher than 98.5% of everyone that has taken the ASVAB. He has qualified for just about every rating that the Navy has to offer. Leah’s help and assistance has been immeasurable. Thank you so much for doing what you do so well! Our family is eternally grateful
-Conway, ASVAB

Leah is a fabulous tutor. She is incredibly gifted at making difficult things easier to understand and built immediate trust with my child on the first session. I can’t recommend any more highly
-Cathy, High School Biology and Algebra

My daughter’s first lesson with Leah was very helpful. Leah explained all of the questions my daughter had in a very easy to understand manner, Much easier to apply than her teacher’s approach
-Mary Anne, AP Chemistry

My son is a sophomore who was struggling to understand some of his work. At first he was reluctant to go to Leah but after 10 minutes with her he opened up and he was learning and answering questions. I’m not even sure he was aware he knew! She was straight and to the point. We are looking forward to seeing her again!
-Wayne, Algebra 2

Leah is very personable and easy to work with. We managed to get a lot accomplished in a short period of time due to her excellent planning style. I’m looking forward to more sessions
-Tianna, MCAT

Leah has proven to be a very helpful tutor. She has been helping me understand concepts in chemistry, calculus, and biology for a while now. She has various techniques and ways of teaching so that there’s always one way that perfectly fits the way I need to learn. Also, she is very clear in how she teaches and always is on top of what I’m doing, such as making sure that I’m paying attention, so I’m always getting the most out of my time. I would highly recommend her to any student that comes to me looking for a tutor in her specific fields
-Kathleen, Chemistry / Biology / Calculus

Leah is a brilliant teacher! She has a wealth of knowledge and knows how to convey that information in a clear and useful way. My daughter left this which was her first session with Leah with a much better understanding and better grasp of the information. We will definitely call upon her again when needed
-Joyce, High School Chemistry

I’m currently studying for the ASVAB and Leah’s military background and experience with the test has proven invaluable to further my progress towards joining the military. An excellent communicator and very easy to get along with
-Mike, ASVAB

In preparation for the MCAT, I was looking for a tutor who would help me map out a road to success. This included when and how to use my MCAT prep books, to study strategies as test time approaches. Leah provides much more, and with her “understanding the concepts” approach to tutoring — when test time comes I will have developed a strong core of knowledge to stand-off with any problem the MCAT throws my way. Thank you, Leah
-George, MCAT and Organic Chemistry

Leah has been very helpful, patient, and accommodating. She is also amazingly knowledgeable with Genetics, which seems to be a very difficult subject in which to find a tutor. She is an expert with all aspects of genetics, even the molecular mutations in DNA, and is also so knowledgeable with all of the laboratory methods. I would recommend Leah for all biology, cell, and genetics related material. Thank you.
– Patrice, Genetics

Leah is a very intelligent and great tutor. My daughter is 16 and she loved the way Leah teaches and explains every detail and makes sure she understands it before moving forward. Leah has very good knowledge of what she teaches and is able to relate very well. The best part that I liked about her was that she is very professional and does not compromise her teaching quality no matter what the scenario is
– Dilshad, High School Chemistry

Leah is an awesome tutor. I actually met her as the Cell Bio Supplemental Instruction, a special workshop offered at Brooklyn College. She was awesome instructing a room full of students & even though I only came a few times I went from failing to passing! Then when Organic Chemistry came around, I saw that she was a tutor & figured if the Brooklyn College Staff allowed her to do a Supplemental Instruction, then I definitely want her as my Organic Chemistry tutor. She is time efficient, while maintaining a calm smooth pace at which you are able to retain the material and comfortably ask questions. She went over a topic as many times as I needed to with no frustration. After we went through some material she asked me precise questions to make sure I definitely understood the material before we moved on. I was relieved that she actually wanted me to learn it and not just “get it” for the exam
– Priscilla, Organic Chemistry

I originally met Leah when I needed help with Chemistry class; I was near failing quiz after quiz. Leah began to tutor me just a few weeks before my final exam, and I was able to pass my final because of her help. Since then I seek Leah for her help quite frequently and I realize her understanding and love of the sciences is what sets her aside from other tutors. She explains that material in ways that you can easily understand it, for instance never did I think that I could enjoy doing physics problems but Leah explained it such a way that I not only did the problems but she made physics fun. Last but not least my school does offer tutoring and I have tried them, but they did not give me a clear understanding of concepts and how to approach the sciences. Leah is truly a fantastic tutor along with that she is honest, caring and trust-worthy. I recommend her to all my classmates
– Lindsay, Pre-Med Chemistry and Physics