Old 2014 vs New 2015 MCAT

2014 mcat vs 2015 mcat comparison of sections, topics, scores and timeApril 2015 brings with it a brand new MCAT for premed students. However, with so much information already published on the old exam, research may quickly turn confusing. What’s on the old exam, what’s on the new exam?

If I studied for the old one, how is this one different?

This videos gives you a quick breakdown of similarities and differences between the old and new MCAT including test sections, topics covered per section, score scale, and exam time.

(Click HERE to watch this video on YouTube. Video Transcript coming soon)

For a complete breakdown of the new  MCAT read The New MCAT Demystified

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  1. Looking forward to this information session! However, I’ve ran into a personal scheduling complication that may delay me attending, will it be recorded?

  2. do i have enough time from now until the 18th of april to prepare for this new mcat?

    • I can’t tell you without asking you a few questions to figure out where you stand and how much you still need to improve.

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